Mr. A.S.M. Mohiuddin Monem is a Director of Pragati Insurance Limited and a member of the Directors' Audit Committee. He is one of the most successful industrialists of Bangladesh. He represents the new generation of business leaders in Bangladesh. Mr. Monem received his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from North Eastern University, Boston, USA in 1991 and Master Degree in Engineering Management from the same institution in 1994, where he graduated with Honors with CUMLAUDE. After his graduation, Mr. Monem joined Abdul Monem Limited (AML). Since then he has revolutionized the way of doing business at AML. His dedication, commitment and passion for business have transformed the fortune of Abdul Monem Empire. Under his leadership, the business process at AML has gained clockwork efficiency which has been translated into unprecedented growth in Beverage, Ice-Cream, Food, Sugar and Construction units. He is also a Director of Pragati Life Insurance Limited. He has a keen eye for identifying opportunities and transforming them into profitable ventures. He has successfully set-up the first USA-Bangladesh joint venture operation in Information Technology sector through Service Engine, where he serves as the Chairman. This is true reflection of his remarkable business acumen. He has been awarded CIP (Commercially Important Person)-Export in 2009 and 2011 by the Government of Bangladesh for his great contribution to export in the Information Technology sector.

Mr. Monem is a great believer in community development. He takes pride in taking the extra step to go beyond business activities in order to become a Socially responsible citizen. In this spirit, he has set-up AML foundation, a non- profit organization with a view to helping the less privileged people of the society with their education, healthcare and other amenities.


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