Message from the Chairman

Warm greetings to the visitors of our web page. Those who already know us and those who want to know us are welcome to visit our website and we take it as our duty to update the website information as soon as we know it. Information media are more visual than in print now a days. Busy people want information now and can not wait for the time lag in searching through the print media. We hope our current and future clients will find our website useful and provide us feedback so we can deliver our best of services to all through Internet and Smart Applications.

E-mail us at:

We wish our visitors good luck.

Syed M. Altaf Hussain

Message from the Advisor

Heartiest greetings to the visitors of our Web page. Equipped with a team of experienced personnel, our company is ever-ready to cater to all your insurance needs. We provide protection to your property and cover unfortunate casualties. Almost all the Multi-nationals working in Bangladesh are in our portfolio and we provide them with international standard insurance services.

We look forward to reaching you through our personalized services as well as through the Internet. We assure you of quality services at the most competitive price. We promise to be beside you as soon as there is a need.

We would appreciate your views on any profile of our company.

Md. Rezaul Karim

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