Pragati Insurance Limited Corporate Social Responsibility

Pragati Insurance Limited recognizes importance of CSR in social and economic development of the Country. Through the process of implementing CSR, it focuses on quality work environment, wellbeing of the workforce and their families as well as society at large. By CSR, it spells out, as follows, its commitment to achieving trustworthy relationship with stakeholders.

  • Our most valuable asset is our reputation that is achieved through years of dedication towards receptive working and social environments that fosters ethical and honest relationship both internally and externally,
  • The company actively encourages best business ethics and anti-corruption measures across the entire company that involves participation from all staff members.
  • Our insurance products and services are being designed and delivered in the way that satisfies the need of the clients. It is readily accessible and beneficial to the poor and other marginalized section of the population,
  • The company has its standard recruitment procedure to ensure transparent and quality employment selection process. It focuses on employee skill development and fosters employee career advancement through providing training and career guidance.
  • Like other business, it always targets the achievement of goals of profitability in ethical ways that honor our stakeholders and the environment,
  • It creates and maintains standard working environment that encourages avoiding needless wastage of resources such as unnecessary consumption of energy and unnecessary paper printing etc.,
  • With branches in most of the cities and mofussil areas in the country, Pragati Insurance has been instrumental in creating job opportunities for our youth, thereby contributes in poverty reduction and economic growth,
  • Our contribution to the national exchequer is significant as it shows the strength and character of our hard work in the business community in the country. We have deposited 272.97 million to the Government Exchequer as Corporate Income Tax, Withholding Tax, Stamp Duty and VAT.
  • We recognize that sports activities are essential for the growth of our youth and the country’s sporting activities. In light of this, we have been a stakeholder to sports and sporting activities in Bangladesh through our sponsorship and consultancy to many sporting ventures.
  • We support Insurance Development & Regulatory Authority (IDRA) in its effort to promote insurance activities and insurance awareness in the country. We actively participate in various activities such as seminars, fairs and rallies to help promote the process,
  • As one of the leading and oldest insurance companies in Bangladesh, we are conscious of the Company’s social responsibilities towards people in need for our assistance, especially during of economic and natural catastrophic disasters. We have actively taken part in this social development and capacity building process through the Prime Minister's Relief and Welfare Fund.
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