Group Health Insurance

Employees are the treasured elements of any institution, as they are an integral part of it. They are the core functioning members of an institution and their health is of prime importance. Staying healthy and protected in our busy world today is expensive, and that’s where we need health insurance.

Health of the employee is one of the major issues in today’s highly competitive work environment. The employer must take the initiative to free the employee, from worries of an extremely costly medical treatment for their families and themselves. Taking care of the wellbeing of the employee and their family is the best work incentive that an employer can provide.

Our Health Care Insurance Plans is adequately tailored to meet the health insurance requirements of your officers, staff and their spouses. The plan covers individuals and their spouses aged between 18 to 60 and their children up to the age of 23 for expenses incurred while admitted in the hospital for following:

  • Room boarding expenses by the hospital
  • Nursing expenses
  • Operation theatre expenses
  • Surgeon, anesthetist, medical practitioner, consultants, specialist’s fees
  • Charges for anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation charge, surgical appliances,
  • Cost of medicines and drugs, diagnostic material and x-rays,
  • Charges for post-operative care, intensive care facilities and many others inpatient hospital services.

Depending on your need, we can offer plans that pays out from as low as Taka 50,000 to maximum Taka 1,000,000 in benefits against hospital medical charges.

Protect your family and your group members today.

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Pragati Cares...


Individual & Family Hospitalization Insurance

Your health should not worry you. There are endless options available from our Health Division.

We have taken every effort to ensure that most of the contentious issues are taken care of. We are not only insuring health in the best possible way but also providing you with excellent service. Our individual and family health cover insurance is designed to provide total peace of mind for you and your family in case of hospitalization.

The cover provides a comprehensive and flexible hospitalization (inpatient) cover.

Who Can Take This Insurance?

Any person between 5 months and 65 years of age at the time of entry can take this insurance. Children can be covered only along with parents.

The sum insured under this insurance is per individual member covered.


Policy Benefits

Hospitalization Cover: Protects the insured for in patient hospitalization expenses for a minimum of 24 hrs. These expenses include room rent, nursing and boarding charges, Surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialist Fees, Cost of Medicines and Drugs.


Pre-Hospitalization and Post-hospitalization expenses are covered.


Family Floater Hospitalization Insurance

A family floater health insurance is a plan that is tailor made for families. It is similar to individual health plans in principle; the only difference is that it is extended to cover your entire family. This acts as an umbrella of coverage for the entire family and therefore the name.

A family floater health insurance is one of the best options when it comes to safeguarding the health of your loved ones. Since it is single policy offering family benefit, it relives you from the task of maintaining and keeping track of several insurance policies & offers affordability also.

The other benefit ; one can get from a family floater health insurance plan is that, in case one of the family member gets sick and has to be hospitalized, the total sum insured of the policy can be utilized by the un-well member of the family for treatment. Needless to say a family floater health insurance has options with higher sum insured than individual health plans hence the coverage is relatively greater in the formers case.

Critical Illness/Dread Disease Insurance

When a major illness strikes, it not only means large costs for medical care but it also puts huge pressure on the family to manage their living expenses while the patient recovers. In such a situation your Critical Illness insurance can come to your aid by way of providing you with lump sum compensation that can help you meet your day to day expenses like Children school and university fees, Car and House Loan EMIs, credit card payments etc.

Pragati Critical Illness insurance covers individuals in the event they are diagnosed with any of the 9 critical illnesses covered. Upon diagnosis and a survival period of 30 days, we pay the insured a lump sum compensation equivalent to the sum insured of the plan - Tk. 75,000 to Tk. 750,000. The insured can use this money as they wish, to cover their medical bills or maintain their family.

Overseas Mediclaim Policy

Overseas travel insurance is specially meant for travelers travelling frequently outside Bangladesh. The main feature of this plan is that the premium is paid in local currency while claims are settled foreign currency. It covers medical expenses incurred by insured outside Bangladesh as a direct result of the bodily injury caused or sickness or disease contracted during the travel.

We offer two types of Overseas Mediclaim Policies:

  1. Overseas Mediclaim Insurance for (Business & Holiday): Available for Bangladesh nationals visiting abroad for the purpose of business and holiday tour.
  2. Overseas Mediclaim Insurance for (Employment & Studies): Available for Bangladeshi Nationals temporarily residing outside Bangladesh having been posted by their Bangladesh Employer to work in that country or for the purpose of furthering their education or solely engage on research projects.
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